February 28, 2014

Is giving to charity a courageous act? For some, perhaps. For others, it's a convenient, ethical deduction from their income tax. And for others, it is a lifelong pursuit and passion. Such is the philosophy of John Bromley, the founder and CEO of a unique Canadian foundation, CHIMP, which acts as a "personal charitable foundation" for individuals and small groups. 

He's talked about it on TEDx, and now, in this conversation, John goes into more depth about giving and about why it is courageous to give money to others. 

End music by the Irish group Dobroide, Blues del Gorrion, and sound effects are recorded by Klankbeeld (Netherlands), both on

This long and lonely walk

February 25, 2014

Rhiannon Johnson walked 2,209 miles (3,555 kilometers) from the US border with Mexico north on the Pacific Crest Trail toward the border with Canada. Although stymied in northern Washington by sudden and dangerous snows, which prevented her from reaching Canada, she nevertheless accomplished her goal of walking alone, confronting her fears, pushing herself anywhere from 15 to 30 miles a day, footstep after footstep. 

Forester Pass, California, 13,153 ft. elevation. Rhiannon estimates she totalled 400,000 ft of vertical elevation, in both directions (eg, the equivalent of climbing 400 Empire State Buildings with a loaded pack).

My mother’s courage

February 17, 2014

She's ninety-one, a veteran who served with distinction as commissioned officer (Lieutenant) with the Women's Royal Naval Service. A respected, and now retired, executive director of Vancouver's largest homemaker agency, she was a champion lawn bowler who raised three children on her own at a time when single parents were the exception.