Persistence of Vision: the Documentary Filmmaker

May 16, 2014
Making documentaries takes stamina, determination, passion, and consumes years of a filmmaker's life.

For over six years (as of 2014) David Vaisbord has been filming one community in Vancouver and its struggle to keep, and then to rebuild, social housing. It was called Little Mountain and it was Canada's first social housing project, built by the federal government, post-WWII to house, initially, servicemen's families. 

And then the federal government divested itself of the neighbourhood, selling it to the provincial government, who in turn would sell the land to a private developer. Who tore it down, displacing hundreds of low-income families from a viable, safe community.

This is David's story of how he got involved with Little Mountain, and how it became more than a documentary film. It became a crusade. (You can also download the mobile Podbean app to your smart phone)

Until June 23, 2014, David is raising funds to complete the documentary. Please consider helping him make a feature film (there are, as he says, some fun and creative perks for various contribution levels) at