Looking for work

August 13, 2014

I met Tova Jamernik at Work BC, an employment counselling centre in Vancouver, when I was unemployed, without benefits, and desperate to find a job, any job, for which I was qualified. Along with an employment counsellor, Tova and other facilitators helped me and others focus our job searching, learn how to best respond in interviews, revise our resumes and keep on track over the long and often dispiriting period between jobs. In this, part 1 of my interview with Tova, she emphasizes the usefulness of the information interview*, where one is seeking information from an individual who works in an organization, industry or career that is attractive to you, without asking them specifically for a job.

* http://www.ryerson.ca/career/students/searchforajob/identifyjobleads/informationinterview/

Update to this story: In March 2014 I found a job, a job I love, working with great people! Some of the skills I learned from Tova and other counsellors helped me in the interviews with managers and supervisors.