Artist with “a heart of gold”

March 22, 2014

Siobhan.jpgSiobhan Humston, my friend Derek von Essen texted me, has a "heart of gold, and she's easy to love." It had taken me several weeks to arrange this interview because she keeps moving around from place to place; she was one day away from returning to Mayne Island, which is one of the islands between the Metro Vancouver mainland and Vancouver Island, for a five month stay in a cabin, when we recorded the interview in my apartment. 

Her current work is a series of mirrored photographs taken during a year-long residency at Harrison Hot Springs, two hours east of Vancouver, where she lived in a former ranger's cabin on the lake. 
Does it take courage to be a full-time artist? I asked her. "I think it would take courage NOT to be an artist," she replied. "But it does take tenacity." 
She's raising funds selling her Totem series of photographs to help with tuition for an MA program, which she's been accepted into for fall 2014, at Falmouth University in Cornwall England. The one year intensive is called Arts and Environment. Read more at
The music is by Nine-8th Irish: "Wise Maid" available at Free Irish Music.